IPVALUE was founded in 2001 to meet a need voiced by C-level officers of global technology enterprises to maximize returns from their IP portfolios, within the overall context of their on-going business strategies and operations. In 2002, IPVALUE partnered with BT and began intellectual property commercialization operations. Since that time, IPVALUE has steadily generated significant returns from IP for its growing list of partners.

Compelling Business Model
IPVALUE partners with owners of significant intellectual property portfolios to commercialize their IP assets. IPVALUE has successfully delivered on a pure performance-based business model – one that aligns incentives between IPVALUE and its Partners. IPVALUE typically invests its capabilities and resources and only gets rewarded upon creating successful outcomes. Furthermore, IPVALUE's compensation is proportional to the magnitude of the success created and is directly linked to the timing of the outcomes. Most of IPVALUE's transactions involve the sale or licensing (including cross licensing) of our Partners' patents, including litigation when necessary.

World Class Expertise
IPVALUE's operations are powered by a best-in-class team of professionals in licensing, negotiations, law, business, and technology. Their professional backgrounds include work at the world's leading technology companies, such as AT&T, IBM, Intel, and Lucent. These professionals have decades of experience in the full range of activities required for patent commercialization, including mining, valuation, technical assessment (including reverse engineering and patent proofs), legal analyses, and in negotiating and closing transactions.

Trusted by Partners
IPVALUE has served as a trusted IP advisor and transaction facilitator for some of the world's leading innovators, including BT, Xerox, Palo Alto Research Center, Multimedia Patent Trust, and Round Rock Research. Partners typically engage with IPVALUE through exclusive multi-year relationships and rely upon IPVALUE to complement internal IP activities, offset risks and expenses, and leverage our best practices, resources, and networks. IPVALUE employs a proven set of processes to ensure transparency, monitoring and control as required by our Partners, working closely with stakeholders within our Partners' organizations (such as with the Legal Department / GC / Chief IP Counsel, Finance Department / CFO, IP staff, and Internal Business Unit heads) to forge a consensus basis for effective monetization.

Unmatched Track Record
IPVALUE has delivered over $1.6B in IP transaction revenues to our Partners from patent sales and licensing deals. In addition to the revenue generated, the value of the operational freedom created by cross-licenses is significant. IPVALUE maintains exclusive, multi-year relationships with premier technology enterprises, who have trusted IPVALUE to manage commercialization of over 15,000 patent families.


IPVALUE has commercialized patents in a broad range of technology areas.

Commercialized patents for Hardware


  • Computers
  • Displays, Printers, Storage
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Biotech
Commercialized patents for Software


  • PC Applications
  • eCommerce
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
Commercialized patents for Communications


  • Mobile Communications
  • Voice/data Networks
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Network Services
Commercialized patents for Semiconductors


  • Materials
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Devices