IPVALUE serves as a trusted strategic advisor and transaction facilitator for some of the world's leading innovators. Partners typically engage with IPVALUE through exclusive multi-year relationships and rely upon IPVALUE to complement internal IP activities, offset risks and expenses, and leverage our best practices, resources, and networks to maximize returns.

BT is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principal activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and Internet products and services. In its financial year 2005/6 BT had a turnover of over £19 billion and approximately 100,000 employees worldwide. Throughout its history BT has had a distinguished reputation as a company undertaking technological research and development and then using this innovation to provide enhanced products and services to its customers. As part of this innovation, BT has built up a portfolio of over 4,000 patents granted worldwide, with a further 3,000 applications pending.

BT+IPVALUE: Since 2001, IPVALUE Management assisted BT with the commercialization of its patent portfolio via licensing and assignment. The partnership between BT and IPVALUE has resulted in the identification of a substantial number of patent licensing and assignment opportunities. IPVALUE has concluded many license agreements resulting in significant revenues for BT. One example is the assignment of key GSM-related patents to Samsung Electronics.

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