IPVALUE serves as a trusted strategic advisor and transaction facilitator
for some of the world's leading innovators. Partners typically engage with IPVALUE through exclusive multi-year relationships and rely upon IPVALUE to complement internal IP activities, offset risks and expenses, and leverage our best practices, resources, and networks to maximize returns. IPVALUE can operate either as an agent representing IP owners or as a principal operating Independent Licensing Companies with patents spun out from original IP owners. These Independent Licensing Companies are managed under the Partners for Corporate Research subsidiary.

The mission of Monterey Research is to license patented technology representing years of research and innovation by over 1,000 inventors. Monterey's portfolio includes over 3,000 worldwide patent assets, including over 2,000 active U.S. patents. The portfolio reflects the storied history and culture of innovation and creativity of the companies from which the patents originate.

Patents in the Monterey portfolio are directed to important technologies used in semiconductor devices and computing systems, such as:

  • Programmable circuitry timing and addressing techniques
  • Programmable register techniques
  • Memory read/write management
  • Programmable variable memory cell (SLC, MLC) design
  • Programmable erasable memory size increases
  • Power management techniques, such as auto sleep mode, and intelligence circuitry for lower power trigger
  • Semiconductor fabrication technologies and techniques used in transistor gate structures, high-speed device metallization, CMOS-compatible non-volatile memory, Band Engineered SONOS (BE-SONOS), and SONOS-type structures
  • Semiconductor packaging with MEMs TSV, leadframes, and in-line continuous manufacturing
  • Touch screen techniques, such as touch proximity and positioning detection; and
  • USB based enumeration techniques, peripheral and host configuration techniques, and device driver updates

All of the patents in the Monterey portfolio have been fully assigned to Monterey Research LLC, and are available for licensing on reasonable terms. Monterey has appointed IPVALUE Management as its agent to assist in the licensing of the Monterey portfolio. For more information regarding the portfolio and licensing opportunities, please contact