Paul Seaman
Senior Vice President, Licensing

Paul has been with IPVALUE since 2002, and he brings two decades of expertise in the areas of patent and technology licensing and intellectual property management across domestic and international markets.

Prior to IPVALUE, Paul was at Agere Systems where he managed numerous patent agreements and settlements with US and European entities.

Previously, Paul was at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies for 15 years where he oversaw patent and technology agreements with companies in the United States, Europe, China and India, personally closing deals worth over $50 million in revenue. Paul also established Lucent's Intellectual Property offices in the Netherlands and France. Prior to his specialization in intellectual property, Paul managed research and development projects related to integrated circuits and photonics systems for undersea applications.

Paul earned his undergraduate degree from Saint Vincent College, conducted his graduate work in applied mathematics, and holds a master's degree in business administration from Columbia University.

Favorite Inventions of All Time:

  • Wheel
  • Medicine and Medical Technology
  • Steam and Internal Combustion Engines