Bob Petrelli
Senior Vice President, Technology and IP Operations

Bob manages all aspects of technology and IP operations for IPVALUE's partners. Bob joined IPVALUE in 2004.

Prior to IPVALUE, Bob was at AT&T where he was vice president of the company's intellectual asset enterprise division. In this role, he oversaw operations in the areas of valuations, patent filing, patents mining, assertion, standards bodies, competitive intelligence and IT infrastructure, resulting in a $350 million increase in new revenue opportunities for the company.

Earlier in his career, Bob held a variety of leadership roles in the AT&T and Lucent organizations in intellectual property, network services, and Bell Laboratories. During his tenure, Bob licensed intellectual property in Asia and North America and led the European licensing effort resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues. In addition, Bob managed numerous merger and acquisition activities and oversaw a multi-billion dollar capex call-processing infrastructure project. He also worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories as a member of the technical staff. Bob started his career at IBM in engineering and sales.

Bob earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and master's degree in operations research at Columbia University. In addition, Bob holds a master's in business administration (finance) from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. Bob holds seven US patents in the area of telecommunications and received the Bell Laboratories Distinguished Inventor Award.

Favorite Inventions of All Time:

  • Speaker Independent Speech Recognition
  • Xerography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagery