patent portfolio commercialization done your way.

One thing we’ve learned about success: it almost always comes down to approach.

Our core philosophy is “show, don’t tell.” We start by learning as much as we can about you: your industry and ecosystem, your operational drivers, and your business goals. Then we leverage that knowledge – combined with our professional and financial resources – to structure a relationship that’s the best fit for your enterprise.

Stripe Texture

Just as important is the human aspect of all our licensing efforts. Precisely as we do with our partners, we approach potential patent licensees and buyers with professionalism and respect, as well as a “litigation last” mindset. It’s how we best represent our partners. With a foundation of trust – and with convincing and fact-based technical and business negotiations – we conclude fair-value deals.

We believe that our results speak for themselves. Since starting operations in 2001, we’ve generated over $2B in revenue and delivered more to patent owners than anyone else in our industry.