We’re paid when you make money.

It’s simple. Deferring compensation until we reach agreed-upon outcomes lets us more closely align our incentives with our partners’ goals. The result is a deeper, more collaborative, and longer-term working relationship – the kind that we value the most.

First, we’re good at this. We have extensive experience working with a range of stakeholders in major enterprises, such as BT, Xerox, NXP, and Spansion. We apply well-honed processes for corporate monitoring and control, including formal programs to start and execute commercialization programs.

Additional benefits of the agency model include:

Ownership and control

You hold onto your patent portfolio to support operating units, differentiate your products, maintain defense, or fulfill other purposes


You remain on top of the situation throughout the process


We work closely with your in-house IP teams, business units, and legal and finance units