Earning your trust with proficiency, insight, and sound judgment.

In our line of work, earning your trust is everything. That’s no small task, but we’re confident that our expertise with enterprise-class patent portfolios addressing a broad range of technologies will do wonders for your comfort level.

Our track record of success begins with best-in-class teams of professionals who specialize in licensing, negotiations, law, business, and technology. Team members have worked at some of the world’s leading technology firms – including AT&T, IBM, Infineon, Intel, NEC, Nokia, Philips, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Texas Instruments – but our expertise spans all aspects of patent commercialization.

Our licensing team includes over 30 professionals broadly proficient in areas such as portfolio mining, valuation, technical assessment (including reverse engineering), legal analyses, drafting of complex IP transactions, and negotiations and transaction closing. In addition, we have well-established relationships with the foremost technical experts, reverse-engineering labs, law firms, and other service providers to further support our efforts.

If you care to dig a little deeper, much of our expertise has been applied to portfolios addressing the following technology areas: