IPValue Management Affiliate Licenses RPX Clients

July 20, 2020--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IPValue Management, Inc. (“IPValue”) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Pannova Semic, LLC (“Pannova”) has completed an agreement with RPX Corporation (“RPX”) for a worldwide, nonexclusive license to Pannova’s patent portfolio for a number of RPX clients. Originating from the extensive R&D investments of Panasonic Corporation / Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Pannova’s holdings consist of nearly 500 semiconductor processing-related patents with coverage in the US, Asia, and Europe.

“We are pleased to have had productive negotiations with RPX, leading to a suitable and amicable resolution for a number of their clients,” said Warren Waskiewicz, General Manager of Pannova. Terms of the agreement are confidential.

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