IPValue Management Subsidiary Monterey Research Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Qualcomm

November 1, 2019 - IPValue Management Inc. (“IPValue”) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Monterey Research LLC (“Monterey”) has filed a patent infringement action against Qualcomm Incorporated (“Qualcomm”) and related entities in Delaware District Court.  The action involves eight Monterey patents covering a variety of innovative technologies, including circuit design and semiconductor manufacturing.  Monterey owns a portfolio of over 2,000 patents in countries across North America, Asia and Europe.  Monterey acquired its portfolio from Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in a series of transactions beginning in 2016.   “The patented inventions included in the Monterey portfolio are the result of decades of research by innovators from Cypress, Spansion, AMD, and Fujitsu,” said Keith Wilson, Executive Vice President of IPValue and General Manager of Monterey, “and several of the world’s largest semiconductor companies have taken licenses from Monterey.  Other licensing discussions are in progress.  However, some companies are knowingly infringing Monterey patents without a license and are not having constructive conversations with us regarding Monterey.  These companies are forcing us to ask the courts for help.”

 “IPValue brings renowned portfolios to market, using rigorous and detailed technical presentations and business negotiations to conclude fair-value patent licensing deals.  We follow a ’litigate last’ approach,” said Boaz Brickman, Senior Vice President, Legal at IPValue.  “IPValue engaged Qualcomm nearly two years ago and shared extensive information about how Qualcomm’s products use representative portions of Monterey’s vast patent portfolio.  Qualcomm never substantively responded to IPValue’s presentations or engaged in the type of negotiations that we would expect from a company with Qualcomm’s experience in negotiating license agreements for their own technology.”

 “The world’s leading chip suppliers are taking licenses from Monterey.  Prominent companies continue to innovate and supply products under license to Monterey’s patents.  While patent enforcement in the U.S. courts is expensive, no entity should take a free-ride off the huge research and development costs that went into the innovations represented by Monterey’s patent portfolio.  Our licensees, and the public in general, are not well-served if we allow companies like Qualcomm to sell infringing products without a license while others pay their fair share,” said Mr. Brickman.

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