MediaTek Licenses Patent Portfolio From IPValue Management

May 21, 2019 - IPValue Management, Inc. (“IPValue”) today announced that MediaTek, Inc. (“MediaTek”) has signed a worldwide, non-exclusive patent license agreement with IPValue’s subsidiary Future Link Systems, LLC (“FLS”). MediaTek is a global leader and innovator in chipset technology for mobile phones, smart TVs, voice assistant services (VAD), Android tablets, feature phones, and optical and Blu-ray DVD players.

 IPValue’s FLS portfolio contains approximately 200 patents issued in nine countries across North America, Asia, and Europe. The patents were originally assigned to NXP Semiconductors, Inc. and Philips, Inc. and cover fundamental semiconductor circuit designs and manufacturing process technologies. These patents relate to a variety of concepts, including data interconnects and interfaces, which enable computer and network architectures, gaming devices, mobile phones, processors, semiconductor memory, and other integrated circuit functionality.

 “We are pleased to have licensed the FLS patent portfolio to MediaTek on mutually agreeable terms. This agreement reinforces our belief that a constructive and open dialog with potential licensees can result in an amicable deal,” said John Lindgren, CEO of IPValue. MediaTek joins a growing list of licensees to the FLS portfolio that include four of the top ten semiconductor companies in the world.